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Contractors seem to be a dime a dozen, they are everywhere. How do you know that the contractor you choose for a job is a contractor that you can trust? Many will say, "go with a referred contractor from a friend or family member". This doesn't work out well 100% of the time. Others say to get references and check them. Not bad advice, but that is still no guarantee that you will have a good experience. So what is a consumer to do? Well, they can hire a home inspector to ensure that their interests are protected. Not all home inspectors do this type of work, but several do.

shifty contractorA home inspector can review the contract and ensure compliance with state laws. A consumer can hire a lawyer to do the same thing. However, a Home Inspector in most cases is a bit more affordable. In addition to the contract review, home inspectors can inspect the project at intervals to ensure that the work being performed is to typical building standards. Municipal inspectors do this as well specifically when the job requires a permit from the township. Some townships do not have this service or you may have a project that does not have municipal oversight. In such a case, it is advisable to obtain a professional to monitor the progress of the project. This will ensure a job is properly performed and that you have no surprises after the fact.

While there are many very good and professional contractors, there are plenty of untrustworthy or 'Shifty' ones too. An armored inspector is your advocate and works for you to ensure that the new home you are having built or that your home improvement project is done well and according to the contract. Typically, the inspector would inspect the project and/or a particular phase of the project and report the findings to you, before you pay for the work that was performed. If the work was not completed to typical building practices, you have a chance to get the work done right by having it inspected before there is payment for the work. Let's face it; you will not likely get your money back after you have given it to a contractor if you have a problem or complaint later on. Notwithstanding, suing the contractor costs you additional money.

The route that makes the most sense is for you to have the project inspected from start to finish by an armored inspector. This will ensure you don't experience what the clients in this issue, "This Old House" had to deal with. For your next project great or small, be sure to consult with Krome first.


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