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Armored comics was founded in 2009 by Curtis S. Niles Sr., owner of Armored Home Inspections, LLC. Our mission is to curtiseducate consumers on the various aspects of the home buyers and homeowners experience. Specific emphasis is placed on subject matter that can have a significant impact on the occupant's health, their wallet, or the home's value. 

Our first issue is on 'Termites' because there were so many customers that knew so little about termites and feared these little terrors.  We feel the more you know about a subject, the less you will fear that particular subject.

We also felt that by placing these varied subjects in a comic format, readers would be more inclined to read the information and realize that they don't have to face these challenges alone. There are professionals and agencies that are available to help consumers with there needs, whatever they may be. So read our comics, get educated about the subject, and pass it forward to a friend, colleague or family member.
Thanks for reading and remember you have a friend in 'Krome'.      


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