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Hello homeowner,

home sellerFirst let me thank you for visiting our website.  Homeowners may not be fully aware of the various assailants the home faces each day. Homes are under attack from insects, water or fungi, often without knowledge of the homeowner.  It is our goal to bring useful information to you in a format that is artistic, skillful in it's craft and design, non-threatening and yet informative. We feel we've accomplished this in our 'Krome' Series. 
You may also notice that we have advertisers in our books. These are not just any company that was interested in advertising in our books.  These are inspector approved professionals that we personally use for our personal and professional needs. We hope you have the opportunity to experience them for yourselves.
Feel free to contact us when your need arises to help you in preparing your home for sale or just to help you maintain your home. We also send out helpful and insightful 'Enewsletters' monthly to our contacts to help them keep their homes in tip top shape. Sometime, we find ourselves writing about important subjects that every homeowner should know about.  If you would like to be on our mailing list, visit our home inspection website or click on this link sign-up to send a request to be added to our mailing list.   
I hope the comics were a fun read and beneficial.  Visit us again as we are still producing additional info-comics. We're just getting started. 

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