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home buyersHi prospective homeowner,

Armored Comics was conceived with folks like you in mind. It's our goal to dispel fears about various types of problems that affect homes.  So many of our home inspection customers had such a phobia about termites, I thought we needed to produce our first book on that subject.
As you read through the book, you may notice the meticulous attention to detail and skill of our illustrator, the talented Hector Rodriguez. He's an old friend of 20+ years and I could think of no one else I'd rather have to bring these critters to full page size for you. Most of our books center on informing the home purchaser on topics they are not familiar with. Take a look at our growing list of books we are working on in the left margin.
Thanks for visiting our website we hope you enjoy our black and white version as well as our full color books, we hope they are as fun for you to read as they were for us in bring them to fruition. Please visit our site often or request to be notified when a new book is available.
If you're currently in the market for a new home or planning on buying in the foreseeable future, take a moment and visit our Home Inspection website for the services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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