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'Welcome' to Armored Comics, the 'Info-Comic Style' approach to real estate information specifically for consumers. We have designed several 'Info-Comics' that are sure to entertain as well as educate you on various real estate subject matter. 
Krome Home InspectorOur iconic character is none other than 'Krome', a Home Inspector and owner of Armored Home Inspections, and who dons an armored suit equipped with an array of cool gadgets and weaponry, that he relies upon to help unravel the various plots laid by evil men, or to use in battle against creatures of all sorts. 
A home inspector is often called upon by a homeowner, when they need to resolve a situation in a their home that just doesn't seem to make sense and they cannot seem to handle on their own. From sources of mold, invading insects, bad contractors, and harmful gases such as Radon and Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs), Armored's 'Krome', and his trusty companion and computer expert, 'Max' are always ready to take on any, and all forces that threaten the safety and well being of the citizens in their service communities, and the homes in which they reside.
We hope you enjoy the information on our site and if you do, please feel free to 'share' us with a family member, co-worker, and friends.  You can also, 'Like' us on your facebook page, save our website to your bookmarks too. As new books are released, or special offers are available, you can sign up for "Krome Alerts" which will notify you of any new releases and special offers before the information goes public. Just check the "Krome Alerts" box on our 'Contact Us' page.

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